Easel is a visual design tool built for the web. Since the web is viewed in a browser, we believe it should be built in one too.

New Dashboard

While we’ve improved many parts of Easel over the past several months, one part that has remained unchanged is the Dashboard. As we’ve continued to grow (and as you’ve created more documents) it became clear that our dashboard wasn’t up to snuff. So today we’re proud to release a brand new dashboard which makes it easier to manage your teams, projects, and documents! I’ll walk you through a few of the changes.

When you login you’ll notice that the new dashboard now contains a summary of your personal projects as well as projects in each of the teams you belong to.

The new dashboard

However the biggest change in the redesign is that all of your documents are no longer on the same page – each project gets it’s very own page.

A project page

Folks were unhappy with the options for sorting projects and documents. The overwhelming desire was to be able to drag-sort your documents and projects. So we’ve added drag sorting and removed other sorting options to reduce confusion.

Drag sorting

Archived projects are no longer in the main projects section. They get their own tab! Yay for less clutter!

archive tabs

We hope you find these changes useful, and let us know if you have any questions or concerns at support@easel.io.