Easel is a visual design tool built for the web. Since the web is viewed in a browser, we believe it should be built in one too.

A Few Small Features

Tools like Easel succeed or fail based on their details. We’re working on those details, and here are a few of note.

Download a Zip File

Improving code export is important to us. Many folks wanted a way to download their document using a single file, so we added the ability to export as a zip file.

For the entire page’s code, click the File -> Generate All HTML/CSS menu item, then click the giant Download as zip file button.

You can also get a zip file when you export pieces of your design. Just select the items you want to export, right click, then click on Export to HTML/CSS. Then click the Download as zip file button.

We’ll be writing a post soon about how we think about, and how we use the code export feature.

Document Duplication Changes

We’ve changed document duplication in two ways:

  • You can now duplicate documents from the home screen. There is a little ‘copy’ icon on each document thumbnail.
  • You can now choose a new document name when using File -> Make a Copy... in the editor.

Editor tweaks

When you’re in the throes of creation, we want you to move as fast as possible. So we’ve added a couple new things:

  • Holding option while dragging duplicates an object
  • Holding shift while dragging snaps to one dimension. i.e. drag an object to the right and the object will be restricted to horizontal dragging only
  • Holding shift or option while in the zoom tool will let you zoom out
  • Hit the space bar to enter the hand tool. With it, you can drag around the canvas. Just hit the space bar again to move back to the previous tool!

We plan on writing a more in-depth post highlighting more tips and tricks like this. Stay tuned! If you haven’t yet, you should sign up for Easel so you can start making awesome designs for your projects.